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Champion Kickinauss Destinys Boot Scootin Booty PT, SCN, SEN, CGC "BB"

BB is the sweetest most balanced boy so so willing to please. His herding instinct is so fun to work with. His work ethic is fabulous. He can’t wait to get to his lessons. Another thing he excels at is scent work. Again he can’t wait to work. He has his Novice Container, Novice Exterior and Novice Interior titles. He loves to swim in the pond and run the ranch but comes back at the sound of a whistle.  

He is a great companion on hikes, off leash and always under control. Not an aggressive or mean bone in his body. But he also has a turn off button that I love. Always in the same room with me, sprawled out relaxed. He has some beautiful talented kids on the ground now. Lola, a black tri is only 14 inches and so so fast in Agility. Another girl is 15”, a red merle has an all around conformation and performance future. He loves agility but herding and scent work first.

Love this boy….

Sire: Destiny’s Sir Winchester Bullet
Dam: Sweet Spots Deja Vu
DOB: 11/25/2018
Height- 17.5
Color- Black tri
DNA Clear
OFA Hips good
Elbows and Patellas Normal
Clear eye Cerf


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