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Meet Our Healthy and Handsome Studs

We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!

My boys! All of my boys have been brought up as family. Born in the house and potty trained. They each are crate trained, leash trained and trained to recall at a whistle. Well, when you live on a hundred acre ranch whistle recall is a necessity. All have a wonderful personality but each unique in their own way. All have their prelims done of their hips and elbows and then at two years of age their permanent OFAs. Their eyes are certified done annually. Their DNAs are listed for each with their stats.

AKC Grand Champion Kickinauss Destinys Muddy Waters Mojo

Breed Type: Miniature American Shepherd
Born: 10/25/18
Favorite: Swimming and Running

Mojo is a love, a big bundle of cuddle. By 9 months he had his AKC Championship and is 6 points away from his Grand Championship!

Champion Kickinauss Destinys Boot Scootin Booty PT, SCN, SEN, CGC "BB"

Breed Type: Miniature American Shepherd
Born: 11/25/18
Favorite: Herding, Swimming, and Agility

BB has his Novice Container, Novice Exterior and Novice Interior titles. His work ethic is fabulous with willingness to please.

AKC Champion Kickinauss Rouge Bandito “Bandit”

Breed Type: Miniature American Shepherd
Born: 01/2/14
Favorite: Socializing, Running

Flashy, beautiful and knows he is it! He has some pretty kids on the ground now and has more to come!

Champion Kickinauss Bourbon’s Charred Oak Whiskey

Breed Type: Miniature American Shepherd
Born: 12/17/20
Favorite: Agility, Barn Hunt, Tricks

Whiskey got his championship just under a year old, is extremely agile, and will do anything dealing agility or barn hunt.

Quail Ridge Kickinauss Beaucoup Big Bucks

Breed Type: Miniature American Shepherd
Born: 01/2/21
Favorite: Exploring,
 Barn Hunt, Herding

“Beau”. A delightful young boy, full of curiosity and things to do. He has gorgeous flowing movements and beautiful expressions.