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About Us

A Bit of History

Located in the heart of Carson Valley, NV, at Kickinauss we have dedicated ourselves to the development of all aspects of breeding AKC Miniature American Shepherds in order to bring you puppies that are sure to gift you and your family with the highest degree of satisfaction and joy for many years to come. From breeding to education and training, while helping you delve into the wonderful world of one of the most well-loved breeds of dogs today, the Miniature American Shepherd, we have you covered. At Kickinauss our mission is to provide top of the line puppies, bred under the strictest guidelines of responsibility and care. It is because of this that you are invited to take a look around and see for yourself the beauty and breed specific traits of our pups, as you fall in love with the one that could be your next best friend.

Our philosophy

1. Genetic Excellence

At Kickinauss we understand that our future champions have to fulfill a long list of requirements in order to adhere to established breed standards, which is why we place great focus on genetic testing. Doing so ensures that the puppy you receive is devoid of any unwanted characteristics and will not develop congenital illnesses down the line, while providing joy and satisfaction during its entire lifetime, regardless of whether it becomes a prized show dog or is destined to be your family’s pet and beloved companion.

2. Training methodology

If there is one thing Miniature American Shepherd breeders and owners can bank on is that this breed is characterized by its intelligence and its receptivity to training, which is why it is always represented in agility and obedience shows. We begin training our puppies from the day they come into this world, starting with basic socialization and going further as time goes by. Our training ideology is simple, and we believe positive reinforcement is the key to success, which is why we apply it with love to produce stable and well-socialized puppies that can continue to learn and advance as time moves on.

3. Always Here to Help

Once you take home one of our pups we will always be around to help with any issues or questions you may have about your newly adopted friend. As responsible breeders you can always count on our expertise and professional guidance in all aspects of your mini’s life, whether it’s about training, showing or breeding, you can be sure we are only one call away and will always be happy to help.

The Miniature American Shepherd is a relatively new breed which wasn’t developed until 1968 when breeders from California, looking for a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd, started a breeding program. Initially, the breed was surrounded by controversy in regards as to whether it should be considered a new breed, independent from the Australian Shepherd, or only a size variant of it. It wasn’t until 2015 that the AKC finally granted recognition to the Mini American Shepherd and listed it as a separate breed with its own distinct traits and characteristics. These days, Mini American Shepherd is found in a wide variety of shows and sports, making it the perfect companion for families with children and very active adults who will enjoy its playfulness, intelligence, and willingness to learn.