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Excellence in Breeding, with Responsibility and Love!

Who We Are

One of the first things you will notice when you visit us at Kickinauss is the joy and love each and every one of our puppies are bred with. We love our dogs so much that we put every bit of our heart and soul into breeding them under the strictest guidelines in order to keep them healthy and happy. Additionally all of our puppies come from parents that are genetically tested, DNA, OFAs of hips and elbows, and eye certifications. This is to always ensure you know that your new best friend will be safe from hereditary conditions that could affect the quality of their life. So, welcome to Kickinauss, your most trusted source for Miniature American Shepherds. Take a look around and get to know a bit more about our pups, but remember, you can never have only one!

A Taste of What We Do


Responsible Breeding

One of the most important parts of our work with Mini American Shepherds is the safe and regulated breeding of our dogs in order to produce the AKC champions of tomorrow, as well as your next best friend.


Genetic Testing

Because we know that the happiest dogs are those who are healthy and well bred, we place great focus on genetic testing in order to help prevent any health issues that may become a problem in the future.


Raising Awareness

Backyard breeding represents a world of suffering both for the resulting puppies as well as their parents, which is why, we are dedicated to raising awareness against this unethical practice.


Puppy’s First Steps

A puppy’s first interaction with humans is a huge step in socialization and we ensure this contact early with visitation sessions. During these visits, puppies are stimulated socially to ensure their stability and good behavior later on.


Puppy’s Education

Before our puppies go to their new homes our volunteers and helpers make sure they are emotionally and socially fit to become your new companion. Because of this effort, training your Mini American Shepherd will be a pleasure.


Vaccination and Deworming

Parasites and viruses can cause a lot of damage to your puppy’s health which is why we follow a strict vaccination and deworming schedule so your puppy will be as healthy as it can be when you take him or her home with you.

Our Pet gallery




Mojo at the age of 5 months got his International and National Title and won his puppy class getting a puppy of achievement



BB has his Novice Container, Novice Exterior and Novice Interior titles.  He loves to swim in the pond and run on the ranch

IMG_5726 (1)1920


Champion Kickinauss Rouge Bandito is flashy, beautiful and knows he is it! He loves to play with any dog and loves to